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Pendo Bag:

"Love my Kibibi Design purse."-Vicki 

"Thank you Kibibi Design for my amazing custom made handmade bag from Kenya. It turned out so GREAT!! I love it and love that it's from Africa?"-Katina

"Thank you for the purse!! This is NOT a Louis Vuitton folks...this represents a family in Kenya and brings me a smile bigger than ANY designer bag could (sure those are nice)! It's made from locally sourced Kenyan genuine leather and natural materials there. Bailey (who I met in college) and her hubby help employee women and a few men to make them and their vision is to not only employee them but also provide free education and hygiene classes to create sustainability for the long run. ALL profits go to projects in East Africa!!! I'm in LOVE x 1,000 and they truly are an amazing couple. Every women uses a purse or diaper bag...why not carry one for purpose instead of status?!!!"- Tiffany

"LOVING my Kibibi Design bag!! It's spacious, luxurious and gorgeous and it's handmade fair trade fashion that is employing African women! I'll be ordering another pattern soon!!"-Rachel


"Finally got a picture of my amazing Kibibi Design purse. I love it! It's big enough to hold what I need,but not too big that I carry half the house (#toddlermomproblems)." -Abbey



"I am LOVING my basket from Kibibi Design! Perfect for a trip to the store for fresh flowers! Check out their purses and baskets...all proceeds go into helping families in East Africa." -Sheryl




"Loving my basket from Kibibi Design! Thank you for this awesome product that helps families in east Africa!"-Jamie


"THRILLED!!!! absolutely THRILLED with my new#kibibidesign basket! It made a great swim meet companion tonight and carried EVERYTHING from the towels to the snacks to the phone!OMGoodnesssss! ???  Everyone needs to at least go and LOOK at these gorgeous and QUALITY handmade gems! Wow!!! I'm in LOVE?"-Michelle


"Just a few of my favorite birthday things. This bag from my sis in law made by Kibibi Design, an organization that employs women in Kenya"-Amber