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Kibibi Design was founded out of a dream to help empower women and children in East Africa. We are a sustainable fashion company. We have 10 artisan groups between Kenya and Burundi and all of our artisans are paid above fair trade value for their work. 

Kibibi loosely translated in Kiswahili means, "princess" and it is an endearing way to call a little girl. We come alongside of our artisans to empower them by taking the skills they already have and creating designs together for a broader global market to create a sustainable revenue. We then reinvest the proceeds we make back into micro-loans for our artisans and other projects like elementary schools in East Africa.

Our artisans are all paid in full for our inventory prior to items being sold on retail by us and they all independently own their own local companies in their countries. You'll find the name of some of our female artisans on many of our products.