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Ethical Practice


Here at Kibibi Design, our heart is to empower the artisans who design and weave our baskets and those who design our leather work. We aim to preserve the generations old traditions of basket weaving and leather work. As we work with the locals, we are committed to building long lasting relationships to create financial opportunities for local communities. We will continue to evaluate and develop our mission to support their livelihoods. Our orders help support these efforts beyond employment as we are currently giving all profits back into other projects in East Africa such as education, clean water, refugee camps, leadership development and more. We pay a fair and above market asking price for our products. Since we are just beginning, we are holding to many fair trade principles and hope to one day become certified as we grow.            



Currently, we use only locally sourced materials like sisal, wool, full-grain leather, and textiles. We are happy that in using local natural fibers that this further ensures the quality and durability of our products.


We hope to always continue to develop and improve our ethical practices. Journey with us as we continue to come alongside these traditional practices and art and see lives transformed.