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Purple and White Star Basket

Purple and White Star Basket


Our gorgeous baskets are handwoven from locally sourced sisal and sweetgrass plants.

Each basket goes through a detailed process that can take several days or weeks depending on our weaver's day to day responsibilities. They grow the sisal plant which resembles an aloe plant. They harvest the sisal, break down the fibers and roll them into ropes on their thighs. If color needs to be added, they are dyed and then finally woven. 

These are the perfect decor piece for any room used either as a bowl or wall decor.

The purchase of these baskets supports the local Kenyan basket weavers and all of the profits go back into projects helping women and children in East Africa.

Please click here for more information on caring for your basket.


  • Handle with care
  • Handwoven sisal and sweetgrass fibers
  • Includes hanging mechanism
  • Made in Kenya


  • Approximately 12" Diameter by 3" Height

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