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Handmade Neutral Sisal Purse

Handmade Neutral Sisal Purse

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This intricately crafted one of a kind leather purse with handwoven sisal is sure to be an everyday accessory.

Each basket goes through a detailed process that can take several days, weeks or months depending on our weaver's day to day responsibilities. They grow the sisal plant which resembles an aloe plant. They harvest the sisal, break down the fibers and roll them into ropes on their thighs. If color needs to be added, they are dyed and then finally woven. One sisal rope for a basket of this 10" height can take about 20 minutes.

The basket is then cut and the leather is added which comes from locally sourced leather and it is dyed a camel color with vegetable dye. 

The inside of the purse is fully lined with one large zipper pocket and one other deep pocket. The strap is adjustable which makes this purse conveniently worn a few different ways. 

Each bag is uniquely designed and personally handmade which makes your purse a one of a kind, just like you! Selecting this particular purse will ensure this exact pattern. This is a one-of-a-kind bag.


  • Wool fibre
  • Cotton Lining (colors may vary from dark brown and black)
  • Metal Hardware
  • Adjustable Strap
  • 2 large inner pockets
  • Zipper closure on top
  • Made in Kenya 


Approximately 10" Height, 8" Length, 32" Strap 

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